savIRC Graphical TCL/Tk IRC Client

channel and dcc get window channel window
events window irc configuration tab
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channel settings window  screenshots from v 0.6
savIRC is a graphical IRC Client written by Saverio Castellano for Linux and Windows, this is a list of the main features supported by the current version:
  • multiple server connections: you can connect to may irc servers at the same time and be in more irc networks with only one client
  • dedicated windows for channels, queries and dcc chat
  • ctcp and dcc (chat, send, resume etc..) support
  • SOCK5 proxy server support
  • support for mIRC colors
  • ignore,  notify lists and logs 
  • captions for URLS, nicks and #channels
  • customizable popups, events and scripting in TCL/Tk
Click here to download the latest version: